"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius

About Me

My Background


Personal: I grew up in California and graduated from Palm Springs High School.  My career path was in radio broadcasting, where I spent twenty-two years as a disc jockey and a news reporter.  I presently work for the State of New Mexico in the Human Services Department.

My Hobbies


Hobbies: I like to attend UFO conventions, take ghost tours and eventually, will be out there looking for Bigfoot  I have an Ouija  board collection that includes antique boards from 1891, 1914, 1919 and the early 1940s.  Another thing I collect are movies--I have a vast DVD and Blu-ray collection.

My Favorite Things


Travel: Las Vegas, NV is my favorite place and I plan to be living there soon.  I also love Southern California, the Bay Area and the Pacific Coast.  My best buddy is my Basset Hound, Dodger (Bassets are my favorite breed of dog).  I have been a Los Angeles Dodgers fan since 1976.

Contact Me

jay_barrymore @yahoo.com